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Review for mine could be delayed

Elections have of which is keeping people in positions of power. The Board of Supervisors needs to have some significant changes made to it next go-round.

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Ruth McClung's Campaign HQ

For those of you not on Facebook, you may not have seen the following post, so I will repeat it here:

Juanita Lange August 2 at 12:03pm Reply
Written in response to he following post made by Lesley VanBorssum:

“Listen carefully to the candidates for office, stop in their campaign HQ and see how you are treated by staff and volunteers as the candidate draws people much like them self, see the degree of organization, the energy level, the commitment or lack of it you find. Do everything you possibly can to meet the candidate and take their measure in person. Stop making voter decisions based on TV ads!! Do your homework. Reclaim America.”

I respond with the following:

To anyone who wants to meet Ruth, she does not yet have a campaign office per say.... well actually, she has at least 9 of them but they are at kitchen tables, or in home offices, or in living rooms, spread out across all 6 counties in CD7. These offices are staffed by trusted volunteers who have committed their time, energy, homes, and lives to helping take back our country.

The way these trusted volunteers have chosen to do this is by volunteering for Ruth's campaign and by allowing their name and contact information to be posted in her mailings (which for many of us, that's huge) and by allowing anyone who wants to, to drop by their homes and pick up signs, literature, and bumperstickers to help Ruth's campaign with it's goal of sending Grijalva packing.

You see, early on, Ruth's campaign had to make a choice, use the hard earned money, generously given by her grassroots supporters for office space or use it to purchase as many items as possible to get the word about her campaign and her cause... retiring Grijalva! Ruth chose the later, as she believed it was the wisest use of your donations and that seems to be proving a very wise choice indeed. Her message is getting out! Grijalva has taken notice! He doesn't like Ruth's bumperstickers (she's given out over 6000), he doesn't like her billboards (she has 10 in Yuma), and he doesn't like the fact that she might actually accomplish her goal (taking over his job)! Ruth is making a difference and she gives her supporters all the credit. As she puts it, without my grassroots supporters, my campaign would be nothing!

So yes, as Lesley suggest, don't just base your opinions on radio & TV ads, believe me, they are not always what they seem!!!! Go, meet the candidates, ask them questions, visit & read their website postings, if you like them, volunteer to help, make a donation, whatever it is that you are comfortable with, DO IT, before it's too late!

Note: the best way to keep up with Ruth, is to visit her website and sign up for her email newsletter: She will NOT use your email address for anything else and typically, she sends out an email only about once a week. You can also join her personal FB page:!/profile.php?id=607036315&ref=ts
and her campaign page:!/group.php?gid=90894343429&ref=ts

Together we CAN do this!
Juanita Lange
Pima County Campaign Chairman & Volunteer Coordinator
Ruth McClung for Congress 2010

Saturday, July 31, 2010

From Tucson Tea Party

The following was done by the Tucson Tea Party, and arrived via e-mail today. Since our papers are largely ignoring everyone running in CD-7 except for Raul, please take a look:

In an effort to help get TTP members to understand the candidates running in many of the races locally and statewide we have requested that candidates in specific races reply to a few questions that we thought would be of interest to tea partiers. Many of you may already be familiar with the candidates, but hope that the following will help you with your primary voting.

We would like to remind everyone that TTP does not endorse candidates, but once the primaries are over we will be an active participant in the November elections.

The first candidates to answer questions are from the Congressional District 7 race against Raul Grijalva. They were each given the same questions and amount of time in which to answer the questions. Candidates responses are listed in alphabetical order by their last name.

Candidate Questions and Answers

Question #1 - What are your thoughts on SB1070, especially as how it relates to National immigration policy?

Ruth McClung- There is a big difference between legal immigration and illegal immigration. I support legal immigration. SB1070 was Arizona’s way to try to help with the ramifications of illegal immigration. Immigration and border security are the federal government’s job, but it has not been doing its duty. Arizona had every right to pass a bill that pushes for federal law to be enforced, though this is not an excuse for the federal government for not doing its job.

Terry Myers- Candidate had not responded by the time this email was sent.

Joseph Sweeney- I fully support we should have done it 14yrs ago. The Congress amended the Immigration and Naturalization Act in 1995. The Congressional intent was to co-operate with state police powers to help enforce the act. SB1070 does this. The administration has abolished its duty to take care to faithfully execute our laws pursuant to the U.S. Constitution Article II section 3.

Robert Wilson- I believe SB1070 was written to combat not only illegal aliens but also safe-haven laws. Arizona has a serious problem with criminal activity that starts with illegal entry into the United States of America. SB1070 helped open the eyes of the politicks in Washington and people around the world to the plight of Arizona; chiefly the safety of the residents of the state. I have outlined on my website a solution to our immigration problems that does not involve "Amnesty" and decries the "Dream Act". I am offering a simple solution to the problem.

Question #2 - As a freshman in Congress, what would be your approach in shrinking the size of government and cutting government spending?

Ruth McClung- I personally like the idea of zero based budgeting. This can be extremely time consuming so performing it every 5 to 10 years would be a reasonable approach. Periodically doing this would help clean out much of the wasteful spending because each expenditure would need to be specifically added to the budget with a reasonable explanation as to why it was better than some other expenditure.

Cutting government spending and balancing the budget would have a substantial impact on shrinking the size of government. We also need to clean out our government bureaucracy - this will shrink government influence. Regulations and mandates from our bureaucracy can slow down our economy and businesses, and can take away liberty. Some regulations and mandates are needed, but we need to get rid of the ones that are not! I have also found that there is selective enforcement of these laws and regulations, which leaves the ethical person or group at a disadvantage and is destroying justice and liberty in our country.

Terry Myers- Candidate had not responded by the time this email was sent.

Joseph Sweeney- We need to evaluate the constituents opinions on these issues. I know from some data research they expect representation that is balanced and fair. They expect more representation than what their getting.

Robert Wilson- This has so many parts to it, but in no particular order. A - work with Paul Ryan to get the "Roadmap for America" passed. B - Repeal "ObamaCare". D - Legislate a "Balanced Budget" requirement every 2 Fiscal Years. E - Cut all discretionary spending unless within the balanced budget this includes any budget item that is not included in mandated expenses ie: Dept of Education, Dept of Housing, Dept of Interior, etc.

Question #3 – What are your feelings about the recently passed Health Care Legislation? Would you support repeal?

Ruth McClung- Yes, I would support repealing the Health Care Legislation. The Health Care bill was so bad that they had to bribe people to vote for it. We can look at countries around the world, or the State of Massachusetts, to understand how damaging this law will be to America’s future health care if we do not repeal the bill.

Unless President Obama sees the light, our first line of attack on the bill should be to de-fund it. In 2012, we need to elect a better president who will help us fully repeal it.

Terry Myers- Candidate had not responded by the time this email was sent.

Joseph Sweeney- Needed for Cost(s) reasons. No; but we to amend it to keep it balanced and fair.

Robert Wilson- The so called "Obamacare" legislation constitutes a tax on all citizens. I want to repeal it and have signed the Repeal It! pledge. I have also outlined on my website a solution to bringing down the cost of Health Care. Remember Health Insurance is NOT Health Care!

Question #4 – In your own words, explain the Tea Party movement locally and nationwide.

Ruth McClung- I believe the Tea Party movement consists of local groups of people who gather together because they love America. They wish to see a return to the values that our country was founded on - especially limited government, individual freedom and personal responsibility. Our government was set up to be constrained under the Constitution, but it isn’t any more. The Tea Party movement realizes this and is standing against this trend. They seem to always gather in a peaceful and respectful manner, celebrating their first amendment rights. They are a positive political force in Arizona as well as nationwide.

Terry Myers- Candidate had not responded by the time this email was sent.

Joseph Sweeney- I believe that it is necessary to wake up our public officials on both the local and national levels. We are again sadden by taxation without representation especially on major issues. I intend to represent citizens/taxpayers 80% on major issues not 20%. I intend to do my homework and evaluate. I will follow the spirit of 1776 and the Declaration of Independence which states that just governments get their powers from the consent of the governed. Sometimes this consent needs to be researched at the state, local and national levels.

Robert Wilson- I believe the Tea Party movement is one of the great inventions that could only occur in the United States of America. Only in the USA can we have people with the most conservative principles and people with the most liberal principles standing together peacefully against the government for redress. The Tea Party movement stands for everyday people coming together to be heard with one voice that government spending, rising taxes, and mandates to the people will not be tolerated. The Tea Party is a display of the freedoms of this country in an effort to have elected representatives listen to the voice of the people. The Tea Party embodies what is right in this country fighting what is considered wrong; it is individuals from all walks of life versus political class.

Candidate Fund Raising

Financial considerations should also be important in understanding each of the candidates running in this election. This information was found on the Project Vote Smart website

Raul M Grijalva (D)
Raised: $521,579
Spent: $409,295
Cash on Hand: $135,341
Last Report:June 30, 2010

PAC contributions: $221,250 (42%)
Individual contributions: $292,464 (56%)
Candidate self-financing: $0 (0%)
Other: $7,865 (2%)

Ruth McClung (R)
Raised: $59,286
Spent: $37,233
Cash on Hand: $22,053
Last Report:June 30, 2010

PAC contributions: $0 (0%)
Individual contributions: $53,332 (90%)
Candidate self-financing: $5,954 (10%)
Other: $0 (0%)

Terry Lon Myers (R)
Raised: $21,786
Spent: $17,190
Cash on Hand: $4,595
Last Report:June 30, 2010

PAC contributions: $0 (0%)
Individual contributions: $45 (0%)
Candidate self-financing: $21,741 (100%)
Other: $0 (0%)

Joseph Sweeney (R)

No reports on record for this candidate.

Robert Wilson (R)

No reports on record for this candidate.

NOTE: All the numbers on this page are for the 2009 - 2010 House election cycle and based on Federal Election Commission data available electronically on Friday, July 30, 2010.

Quick Bio Info (gathered from candidate websites)


* Arizona resident since 2000
* As a teen she helped out in campaigns, volunteered in the Republican headquarters, helped in special county events.
* Graduated 2004, Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of Arizona.
* Married 2005 to Micheal McClung
* Employed as a rocket scientist for a local engineering company
* First time running for CD7 US House of Representatives


* Resides in Tucson
* Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration (school unknown to us)
* Licensed by Arizona State Board of Technical Registration and Arizona Department of Real Estate
* Owns TLM Development Consultants Inc
* Served for ten years on the Oro Valley Board of Adjustments
* First time running for CD7 US House of Representatives


* Graduate of Salpointe High School and U of A
* Graduate 1995 J.D- not qualified for bar examination
* Director of National Service Lobby
* Candidate since 1974 for various political offices including CD 2 and 5
* Candidate for CD 7 in 2002,2004,2006 and 2008


* Moved to Arizona in 2000 and currently resides in Maricopa, Pinal County, Arizona
* Married to Susan - one daughter
* He has a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix
* He has worked for the past 5 years in finance for a private university in Phoenix.
* First time running for political office

We hope to be able to bring you more candidate answers over the next few weeks.

Save the Date

August 28th- Join the Tucson Tea Party at Reid Park Ramada 10 from 8 am until 11 a.m. Meet the candidates who won the primaries, get literature for them and volunteer for their campaigns. More information to come later.

Border Security, by Ruth McClung

Check out the video here.

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You Will Be Missed.

All of Marana will miss you.

May God grant you and your family peace.

Story in the NW Explorer

Friday, July 23, 2010

Update from State Rep. David Stevens

This is another packed weekend for the campaign. I hope you can join me at one of these upcoming events.
Thank you to Andy Goss Party - Saturday, July 24 from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm at 409 N. Highway 80 in St. David, near mile marker 298. Look for the balloons on the gate. Contact Katie at
(520) 221-1337 for more information.
Cochise County Farm Bureau Picnic - Saturday, July 24 from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm at the Community Center in Sunsites, Treasure Road, 1 mile west of Highway 191 in Sunsites. Pot luck dinner at 6:00 pm. Contact Ron Low at
(520) 766-3276 for more information.
Palominas Tea Party - Monday, July 26 from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Church of Palominas, 10466 E. Highway 92. Contact Debbie Stoner at
(520) 266-1058 for more information.
 Smart Girl Politics, Meet and Greet in Sierra Vista - Wednesday, July 28 from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm at My Big Fat Greet Restaurant, 4177 E. Highway 90 in Sierra Vista.
Please join me at one or more of these events and INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!
Don't forget to tune into my radio show on Monday morning if you live in the Sierra Vista area. Listen to KTAN, 1420 AM from 8:00 to 9:00 am. If you have a question, the call-in number is
(520) 458-2331. I hope to hear what you think. To listen to previous shows, click on "Inside View" Podcast at Please visit my web site and check the Calendar link for future events. Thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing you soon.
Very respectfully,
David Stevens

Updates from Ruth McClung

From the Ruth McClung campaign team: July 22, 2010

Friday, July 23, Ruth will be on Arizona Illustrated's Friday Round table for a forum with the other CD 7 candidates. Watch her on Channel 6 KUAT at 6pm. You can watch it on-line also - Other times to watch include:

* 7/23/20106 p.m. on PBS HD
* 7/23/20109 p.m. on PBS World
* 7/23/20109 p.m. on UA Channel
* 7/24/201012:30 a.m. on PBS HD

One Step Closer to Socialism - Financial Reform Law?!

With everything that our country has been facing for the past several years, we now have another problem to deal with, the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Law. This is another government bureaucracy weight to add to the shackles that our federal government has placed on small business. With its 2,300 pages, it has become a job "creator" for the lobbyists and lawyers who will go to Washington to interpret it, but for the rest of us, it will make lending and borrowing more expensive and destroy jobs. Small companies will collapse under the new government burdens and regulations. We cannot afford this bill. It is a blatant attack on small business and "Main Street".

This bill will decrease the predictability needed to jump start the economy. I discussed how predictability was needed in an earlier op-ed, . With small business being held to the same regulations as large business, and without the ability to hire a fleet of lawyers and lobbyists, they will have little say in where this monstrosity takes them. They will also struggle to stay compliant with the strict regulations that will be placed upon them.

Dodd and Frank are arguably the two politicians who carry the most blame for the housing crisis. Why do we trust them to "fix any problem? This bill will do nothing to address the problems that created the recession that we are currently in. Wall Street and large financial firms (otherwise known as the "Too Big to Fail" companies) will find numerous loopholes in the bastion of non committal regulation that is this 2,300 page bill. It is small town America who will suffer!

A vote for me is a vote to shrink government.

Volunteer 4 Ruth

Lets flood Congressional district 7 with Ruth McClung signs!
Ruth signs are going up all over CD 7 thanks to many people! Many of the signs in Maricopa County had disappeared so our volunteers led by Barb got them back up. The ones in the city of Maricopa will go up this weekend. We still have plenty of signs to put up. Let Juanita know if you want to decorate your area with a McClung sign or 2. We have 18" by 24" , "4 by 3" and 4ft by 8ft signs.

IMPORTANT FOR PRIMARY! We need volunteers who are willing to put out signs at their voting precinct, the night before the primary election. Let us know if you are willing. We will start a list and closer to August 24 get a sign or 2 to you! Some people go to vote still undecided as to who to vote for. Lets convince them to vote for a rocket scientist!

One way to help get Ruth elected on August 24
If you are willing to call likely Republican and Independent voters in your precinct please call or email Juanita Lange with your Name and Precinct number and she will email you a list and get you started. Don't know your Precinct number? See your voter's registration card.

Juanita Lange Volunteer Coordinator 520-572-8621 (please leave a message)

Meet and Greet
If you would like to host a Meet and Greet at your home or schedule Ruth to speak at your group's event, please contact Gini Crawford, Ruth's Campaign Manager at or phone her at 520-579-5734

Ruth's literature, bumper stickers and signs are available for pick up from the following Chairmen or at the listed business locations:

La Paz County:
Le Roy Shontz, Area Campaign Chairman 602-708-9394,

Maricopa County
Barb Rogers, Area Campaign Chairman 623-556-7393,

Maricopa City/Pinal County:
Alicia Rodriquez, Area Campaign Chairman 650-474-0328,

Tucson/Pima County:
Juanita Lange Area Campaign Chairman 520-572-8621 (please leave a message) Ina & Silverbell area
Pima County Republican Headquarters, 5447 E 5th St. #100, phone: 520-321-1492
JD Hayworth Headquarters, 698 E. Wetmore Rd. #440, phone: 520-829-0819
5-Star Termite-Pest Control, 1002 South Pantano Parkway, phone: 520-886-0045

Santa Cruz County:
Gini Crawford, Ruth's Campaign Manager at or phone her at 520-579-5734

Yuma County:
Call or email Shirley Tuffly 928-305-0229,
Call or email Paul Jackson 928-783-2460,


One way to give to Ruth's campaign and have fun at the same time is to buy some tickets ($10 each) to her big event at Old Tucson Studio on August 7 at 6 pm. We kept the price down because we are a grassroots campaign and want as many people as possible to get to know Ruth. There will be an auction of many neat donated things during the event to raise more money for the campaign. We need to have a count by August 3 if possible.

Info on the the event: Dessert in the Desert with Ruth

Ruth on the Campaign Trail

Saturday, August 7, meet Ruth at the Dessert in the Desert and Auction - at the Old Tucson Studios, 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Tickets for this event are $10 and include entrance into Old Tucson (no rides, etc.), dessert, Ruth speaking, and other fun and entertaining things.

To see what will be auctioned off go to:

Tickets can be bought at:

Saturday, July 31, Ruth and her campaign will be washing cars at the corner of Campbell and Irvington from 8-10am. Come on over and support Ruth by bringing your dirty car. You can wash cars too. After the car wash anyone who wants can come to lunch with Ruth and her team. Location for lunch will be decided there.

Thursday, July 29, Ruth will be the main speaker at "Way Out West Women" at noon. Lunch is $10. Location: Tonopah, AZ at the Saddle Mountain RV Park. Information: 623-734-5343

Wednesday, July 28, Ruth will be in the Wake Up Tucson studio (AM 1030 KVOI) at 7:10 am to talk on the radio with Chris and Joe. Listen live on: